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Where’s Scylla Been???

Hey cool kids!

So I’ve been AFK for sure for the last few weeks. I’d love there to be a profound reason, like I was busy doing this or that, but the fact is, I’ve just been so depressed I haven’t been doing anything. I tell myself constantly that depression isn’t an excuse to be unproductive, and I truly and honestly believe that. Yet, here I am, not blogging, not making Let’s Play videos. I literally just sit at home, procrastinating applying for jobs and not working on anything like I should be. I’m ashamed of myself and honestly, I don’t feel like I have a valid excuse.

I haven’t even been taking care of myself. Most days I stay in my pajamas and I wish I could say that showering and basic hygiene were the norm. Most of the time I feel disgusted with myself and my body and I wonder what the point of any of it is.

The only upside lately is getting to spend time with Wyatt and Tara. Wyatt annoys the shit out of me, but I love him to death and it’s fascinating to watch him grow. Tara does her best to make sure that I don’t die and without her I don’t know what I’d do. She’s the only person I talk to anymore for the most part and I guess there’s no one to blame for that but myself. I just feel like a failure. I’ve failed at Georgia Tech, I’ve failed to keep up with my projects and work. I’m pretty sure I’m a failure as a mother, too.

Anywho, this blog isn’t really meant to be for ranting about personal stuff, but if anyone has been wondering where I’ve been, that’s about it.


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Holiday update and Battle Chef Brigade Let’s Play

Hey cool kids!

So Thanksgiving was yesterday and like with everyone else, mine was super stressful! I went to Tara’s (my partner) mom’s for lunch meal, then her dad’s for “Dinner”. The food was pretty good, but it was really awkward trying to hold conversations with people who:

a) Don’t understand me being trans

b) Hated my guts until earlier this year

c) I have nothing in common with other than my son and partner

I didn’t do anything with my family because they either live in other states or didn’t invite me. Still, I definitely feel like I’ve had worse Thanksgivings and I’m thankful that it went as well as it did.

As far as blog posts go, I was going to do a post on gun control with my opinions on it and the opinions of other people, but getting people to agree and getting different view points was more difficult than I had anticipated. Once things settle down a bit, I’ll probably give it another shot, but until then, please be satisfied with this garbage.

I do, however, have some exciting news about my book! No, I haven’t accomplished anything major with it, but I did finally figure out how magick is going to work in the world. I won’t spoil anything, but I will say that it is going to make writing characters casting spells a lot harder for me to write.

Finally, there’s some Battle Chef Brigade news from me! I’m officially one of the moderators for the Battle Chef Brigade Reddit, an honor given to me after someone called me out for all my leader board scores on twitter. I’m stoked to get to be part of the community now that I’m not working on the game and really hope to help the game grow as a consumer. That being said, here’s my shameless plug about my most recent Let’s Play!


Update – Plans and Recent Events

Hi Everyone!

So this week, a lot of my plans have gone pretty slow as I’ve been putting all of my efforts into knocking out my community service ASAP. At the rate I’m doing it now, I should be all done by next Wednesday (Just before Thanksgiving)!


For my Let’s Play YouTube channel, I’ll be recording Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2 – Part I. I haven’t played this episode at all before, so I’m super stoked to see what is going on with Rachel and her family. Additionally, in the next few days I will record Let’s Play – World of Warcraft: Silverpine Forest – Part I. In that video, we’ll get to see my queen, Sylvanas Windrunner in all of her glory doing events that happened back in Cataclysm days.

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Book work has been slow with everything else going on. I have been making progress with fleshing characters and plot out more, and I plan to devote a lot more time post Thanksgiving (I’ll be done with my community service then). If all goes well (which it probably won’t), I’ll at least be able to get a 1st draft of chapter 1 out by the end of the month. If you’re interested in being a beta reader for this, please email me at or contact me on Facebook.

Anywho, that’s the gist of what’s been going on. Once my community service is done, I’ll definitely be writing a post about that exciting experience, so be on the look out for that as well!